Press Release and Contacts

Online, Perhaps?

Private view: Friday 17th June, from 5 PM
The Peckham Pelican, 92 Peckham Road, London SE15 5PY

For their third exhibition, artist collective Perhaps? make their debut into the virtual art world in Online Perhaps? Showcasing new works by 13 emerging artists, this online exhibition explores the potentials of virtual space and its connection to real time.

Contrary to a physical exhibition, artworks exhibited online can exist together beyond a stated period of time and are not bound by the institutionalised process of curation. The nature of a virtual space allows artworks to be seen at any time, in any order, and enables artists to spontaneously alter their works, challenging the traditional methods in which art is made, viewed and displayed.

Featured artists each have their own space, accessible at Viewers are encouraged to wander from link to link to discover artworks, presented in a wide variety of media, from video art and 3D models to interactive drawings, digital collages and more.

Perhaps? is an artist collective made up of Camberwell College of Art, BA Drawing alumni. They are a diverse, multi-disciplinary group of professional, friendly contemporaries. Formed in 2015, the collective's activities have been highly focused on achieving dynamic and ambitious outcomes; negotiating exhibitions in reputable gallery spaces, holding a series of audience engagement programs and an artist residency. Working together for 3 years prior to establishing Perhaps? this new generation of artists use their collaborative approach to develop and strengthen individual practices.