Artists from Perhaps?Collective


Essentially, I'm homesick for the Hebrides. Examining this yearning for other places has brought me to consider relationships, personal and collective, to landscapes via a practice of material, gesture, and tactility. Distance, whilst in London, bring about a need for paper, drawing, touch, and video, standing in for what isn't immediately here.


Michael S Bryan is a London-based artist, curator and researcher. His painting practice involves his parents' family archive, attempting to bridge the generational and information gap in the photographic archive. which also extends to the wider Black diaspora archive.


Jennifer N. R. Smith was born in Somerset, UK, 1993. With a background in the sciences, Jennifer is interested in the interdisciplinary aspect of drawing. Through combining drawing processes historically associated with art, with techniques and traditions appropriated from the scientific, she attempts to manipulate the various visual logics and levels of cultural authority that different types of images command. On completing her bachelors in Drawing from Camberwell College of Arts in 2015, Jennifer co-founded Perhaps? Collective and continues to be based in London. She was recently a HIX Award finalist, and was selected for the 2015 Clyde & Co Art Award.


Harriet Howarth is a London based artist. Her work plays with the precarious blur between the conscious and the subconscious, the physical and the ephemeral, and the disjunction between the past and the present. The way we remember things is an interpretation of the way we see things, through our experiences and familiarities. In September Harriet will be starting her MA, Modern and Contemporary Art; History, Curating and Criticism, at Edinburgh University.


Valentine Emilia Bossert was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1990. She lives and work in London, UK, where she also currently studies MA modern European philosophy at Kingston University. Her work is deeply grounded in her philosophical inquiries and a feeling of displacement emerging for her endless movements between countries and activities. It is centred around a profound but seemingly impossible desire to understand the world.


Liz Lowe is an artist who works from Thames-Side Studios and print studio in SE London (Unit 7 Studio 215). She has work on show in the offices of Clyde & Co. - see auction catalogue She is also working on a commission at Kings College Hospital. Her work reflects on the impact of people on each other and on the world around us, abstracting from both nature and the figure. She works with printing, imprinting and sculpturally with chicken wire and mesh and casts in plaster and foundry cast metals-bronze and aluminium.


Victoria Sin and Priscila Fiszman met at the BA drawing course at Camberwell College in London and asked Priscila's brother, Flavio Fiszman to make the project "Serve" possible.


Focuses on absurdity of our known reality and the contemporary perpetual frenzy; oscillating between simple and protean mediums

Digital Artist
Live & Work in London, UK
Currently studying MA Digital Fine Arts at Camberwell College
Specialized in drawing, Internet Art, HTML+CSS, video editing.


Mark is an artist and filmmaker from Northumberland, currently studying on the Moving Image course at the Royal College of Art.


Aimée-Beth is an artist working between Kent and London.
Her painting 'Against the Grain' is currently on display at Clyde & Co, London, as part of the Clyde& Co Art Award.


Using classical geometry as a platform, Anna Reed's work explores the different tensions and potentials between two-dimensional drawing and three-dimensional space, ranging from drawings applied directly onto interior spaces, to hand-rendered and digital prints. Since graduating from Camberwell College of Arts in 2015, she has continued her practice as part of the Perhaps? Collective. An artist who has previously worked mostly with traditional media in a three dimensional space, Online, Perhaps? will be Reed's first time producing and presenting work entirely in a digital format


I graduated in the summer of 2015 from the BA Drawing degree at Camberwell College of Arts. My work explores the uncanny and the absurd, in a visual relationship between my animation and my works on paper. Time, narrative and space are broken down both on the page, and in the few seconds of footage I produce. The context disappears, the progression is disrupted, and I am interested in the meaning (or lack of) that follows.